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Arthrex Angel System

Arthrex couples its expertise in autologous cellular therapies with the state-of-the-art technology found in the Angel Whole Blood Separation System.  Arthrex continues to build upon this platform for blood conservation and autologous platelet component therapies, as well as taking development to the next level with exciting new applications for enhancing surgical outcomes with the Angel system.



Automated Closed System

Automated Closed System

Superior Performance

  • Angel System provides consistent platelet concentration
  • Reproducible results independent of operator and patient variability
  • Closed system reducing operator error contamination
  • Customizable; Operator can control concentration level of platelets and amount of red cells



Platelet recovery results using the Angel Standard PPP Dilution Protocol

Platelet Recovery


Built-In Efficiency

  • LCD Display with Touch-Screen interface
  • Platelet Sensor efficiently separates blood components and optimized the harvest of platelets
  • Automatically documents each case whole blood, PRP, PPP and red blood cell volumes
  • External flash drive and/or printer capabilities
  • Portable; aesthetic compact design can be used in a variety of clinical settings


Cost Effective

  • Angel can process from 40-180ml of whole blood in one spin with one disposable
  • Touch Screen Tutorial to reduce training time
  • Delete Ease of Use, Selection, Service and Support

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive user interface reduces training time and related expenditures.

Selection, Service and Support

In addition to the Angel System, Arthrex offers the most comprehensive, innovative product line available from one source. Our staff is known throughout the industry for autologous blood component expertise, professionalism and customer service leadership.

What Makes it an Angel?