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Equine and Canine Platelet Gel

Equine and Canine Platelet Gel Equine and Canine Platelet Gel When horses or canines suffer serious injuries, some owners are inclined to put these animals down to prevent undue suffering and pain. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) offers the hope of an effective alternative which can save many of these prized animals!

PRP therapy has offered new hope in the treatment of these prized animals, affording them the realistic goal of a quick and effective recovery at a affordable price. PRP can ultimately save the lives of these animals.

PRP offers rapid healing, by releasing growth factors from activated platelets which are vital to healing process. In addition, because of the high leukocyte (white blood cell) concentration found in PRP, it acts as a natural barrier to bacterial infection. Also, PRP has been demonstrated to significantly reduce the pain and inflammation associated with wounds or surgical incisions. PRP can bring a threatening or catastrophic wound to a satisfying resolve.

Our team of clinical specialists prepares PRP utilizing the Cytomedix Angel System system which has been demonstrated to produce PRP with the highest platelet and fibrinogen concentrations of any system currently on the market. The PRP, when applied, releases the growth factors and mediators needed to jump start the tissue and vascular regeneration that is needed to heal the wounds of these animals. One to three treatments of PRP is usually all that is needed to bring about complete healing.

Equine and Canine Platelet Gel

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